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Free Colored Contact Lenses

Try America's most natural colored contact lenses online, for FREE! - just cover shipping & handling.

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At Opticals Online, we believe in providing quality eyewear at affordable prices; effectively cutting out the middle man, by offering our products exclusively online, delivered straight to your door.

Our company's mission is to give back, donating a % of each sale to a different charity every month, chosen by our amazing customers.

We're so confident you'll fall in love with our brand and amazing products, that we're letting you try them for free (for a limited time).

Free Bluelight Glasses

Try America's most effective blue light blocking glasses online, for FREE! - just cover shipping & handling.

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Block the Blues with our Bluelight Glasses

We offer prescription and non-prescription Blue Light glasses that:

Blocks 50-100% of Blue Light

Alleviates Insomnia & Improves REM Sleep

Reduces Headaches & Migraines

Eliminates Glare & Sore Eyes

Benefits of using Blue Light Glasses

Look cool wherever you go

Reduce eye strain

Improve your sleep

Enhance your wellbeing

Bluelight Glasses

Protect your eyes with our Bluelight Lenses and Frames.

Out of The Blue

Enjoy life in a digital world, with or without prescription.

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Why Should You Buy Your Opticals Online?

Sustainable Packaging

Because there’s no excuse not to. Recyclable, compostable, dissolvable. Technology for the future and a future for our planet.

Force for Good

Proud to be part of the give-back revolution. Buy one: give one. The future looks clearer with every frame.

Backed by Science

In science we trust, in style we trend. Built on research and backed by science, our lens technology is tried, tested, and proven.